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Please note:  The endpoints (URIs) for Intuit Merchant Services are case-sensitive.

A 404 error from Intuit is a good indicator that the URI is misspelled or there is mis-cased letter.  
To quickly test your endpoints, simply type it into a browser.  A blank page returned means everything is good, however, a 404 page returned means there is a spelling problem.

Production URI:

Testing (Sandbox) URI:

Due to the possibility that Intuit may change these URIs in the future, I've left it up to the user of the plug-in to make the changes (without the need to download a patch).

As of July 1st 2018, Intuit and many other companies involved in payment systems will only accept secure connections via TLS 1.2.  Please verify your version of IIS is making secure requests via this protocol before this time. (versions of IIS below 7.5 will not support TLS 1.2 , thus this and most payment plugins will no longer work!)

More details can be found here: